In current years, the technologies of artificial intelligence (AI) have been actively implemented within the economy, manufacturing along with other sectors of human activity. Inside the planet, scientists and specialists agree that the transformational potential of AI is huge. Co-founder of Google Brain and former Chief Scientific Officer BaiduAI Andrew Eng calls the new artificial intelligence “electricity” that can absolutely transform the planet: analytical tools to optimize, automate production, and somewhere and replace man in science and art. The country’s leaders within the field of AI study – the US, China, France, Uk, Japan – develop legislative initiatives created to make a “road map” for the additional development and application of technology, develop solutions based on the AI to create creative content, patenting, governance and regulation in the economy.


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Fiction, together with music, painting and so on. D. Is one of the art forms. The word “art” has several meanings, within this case, it can be referred to as the actual artistic activity and what exactly is its outcome. The specificity of literature is that it truly is – an art form that uses words as a single material and structure of human language. As a result, literature – would be the art with the word. It is actually hardly potential to exaggerate the influence of literature around the formation of personality. https://essaystone.com/write-my-essay The art of words has long been part of the social and cultural atmosphere in which every single person develops.